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NEW PATIENTS: Please call or text 512-584-1030 for a Complimentary Phone Consultation to receive booking access for first time appointment.

Service Menu

Therapeutic Massage Therapy/Advance Bodywork: 60 minutes for $100.

90 minutes for $130.

60 minute hand and foot massage $85.

Virtual Massage and Body Therapy: $30 to $60. One on one personalized virtual session that includes an assessment, guided exercise and self massage. 

Virtual Young Living Consultations: 30 minutes for $25. Member ID# 11827724. Complementary with Product Starter Kit purchase. 

Young Living Aromatherapy Treatment: 60 minutes for $95. Member ID#11822724.

Pilates Benefits include:
Pain Relief, Increased Flexibility, Increased Range of Motion, Increase Circulation and is 
recommended for
all abilities and a
ll ages!

*Body Analysis and Exercise*
Posture analysis, re-education, strengthening, Core-exercising and stretching, Ergonomics for sitting, standing, and sleeping.
This can be included during Body Sessions.

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